Madison, a gateway community between the more rural western Morris County and the suburban bedroom communities on the Morris & Essex line sports a settlement dating to the presidency of James Madison in 1889.

This town of nearly 17,000 has a beautiful and vibrant Main Street business district alongside the historic and wooded campus of Drew University.  At approximately 4.3 square miles in area, Madison today is a desirable residential community with excellent schools, services and neighbors! 

Besides its rich history, it is also a beautiful place to live – ranking in the lists of NJ Monthly Magazine’s Best Places to Live on a recurring basis (alongside its neighbors in Morris County).  Learn more by visiting the Madison website here.

Outdoor Patio Remodel in Chatham
Whole Home Remodeling in Chatham

McGookin Remodeling is a local residential remodel contractor that takes pride in helping its clients realize the vision they have for their home and living spaces. We focus on Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Outdoor Living and Whole Home Remodeling as well as Design/Build Projects of all sizes.

The picture on top is from one of our Madison neighbors in Chatham showing a beautiful front-door entry and front foyer.  This front porch combined with stone work, roof overhang, and railings completely changes the look of this home. The hardscaping ties nicely into the stone columns. The porch creates much more exterior living space and adds an additional dimension to a home beyond simple vertical massing.

The image on the left is of a complete demolition of an existing house. The foundation remained in place, then we added 2 courses of block to create a more useful basement ceiling height.  The 1st floor was increased in size including wrap around front porch. The 2nd floor increased in size matching the footprint the 1st floor.  And the following shows a front entryway was part of a whole home remodeling project. This portico is completely new including the new masonry front stoop. All new siding, exterior trim, and shutters rounded out the exterior work.



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