Bathroom Remodeler

Bathroom Remodeler

Special Note: This service is not currently being offered by McGookin Remodeling as a stand along service. We are focused on larger projects.  We are very proud of our past work as it draws attention to our overall construction capabilities and gives you confidence in your remodeling contractor.  We will consider Bathroom Remodeling so long as it is part of a larger scoped project.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible before contacting us.  Thank you for your understanding.

A well designed bathroom can create the perfect touch such as a stylish powder room to a beautiful master bath.  The bathroom should function in a manner where you feel you have stepped into a private getaway.  The layout, materials and fixtures should reflect the true meaning of a rest room.  
So, when it comes to planning for a bathroom remodeling project, there are a lot of things to consider so that it will become a room where everybody will feel comfortable and welcome.  
At McGookin Remodeling, we want your remodeled bathroom to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality.   A bathroom remodel can take on so many forms of style, materials and color.  Let us be your partners in deciding what will work best for your personal space.

Modern Bathroom Floating Vanity
Bathroom Remodeling Freestanding Tub Modern

The picture on the top of this page is from a master bathroom remodel featuring subway tile on the main walls with a black on white floor tile feature. The modern clean look of the floating vanity and in walls faucets ties together the look.  And the picture placed on the left shows a remodeled bathroom with features a master bathroom remodel also part of master bedroom addition. This picture features the stand-alone soaking tub with bubbler controls. The feature wall behind the tub has tile going all the way to the ceiling. The rest of the wall tile 1/2 way up decorates the rest of the bathroom.

In this picture will notice the features a master bathroom remodel with a water closet separated by 1/2 wall and privacy shower glass. The floating vanity features thick concrete countertop with integrated concrete sink.

Modern Bathroom Concrete Top Vanity
Bath Remodeling Subway Tile Dark Cabinet

In this section you will find another master bathroom featuring a single sink vanity with floor to ceiling tile feature. The glass tile 3/4 of the way up carries throughout the rest of the bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest and most important changes in every home. It reflects the homeowner’s dreams, needs, style, and wishes. The perfect bathroom remodel project has a well-balanced design so it fits everyday usage.

In this next picture you will find yet another varying style of bathroom remodeling project.   Notice the glass tile shower surround as part of a larger master bedroom addition. The large shower features a modern look with sleek plumbing fixtures.

Bath Remodel Glass Tile Large Shower

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